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A Green Golf Course Without Chemicals?

Allegheny Ozone has proven that this is possible with the use of oxygen and ozone enriched water. Ozonated water will kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other harmful organisms that would otherwise turn a golf course brown and make it unplayable.

Tons of chemicals will be used this year on golf courses to control organisms that harm the health of the turf and soil systems. Many golf courses irrigate their greens and tees with contaminated and oxygen deprived water that continually recontaminates the watered areas. By treating the irrigation water with ozone and other forms of oxygen, not only are the existing harmful organisms killed before application without the use of chemicals, but the extra oxygen/ozone left in the water kills these same organisms in the soil and turf.

Golf courses have come under heavy scrutiny due to the chemical runoff into local water systems and water tables. The use of ozone and oxygen not only reduces the need for these chemicals, but will aerate the roots and reduce the amount of aeration a course needs to stay healthy.

The environmentalist in all of us loves the idea of using a natural and almost organic process to replace the chemicals that courses now use. The golf course superintendent loves the idea because it reduces costs and produces a healthier turf system that can better withstand droughts.

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