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Mold Remediation and Whole Building Purifying

“Thanks so much for the great job! I told you I was allergic to mold and I can stay in the house all day with no issues. I couldn’t before you treated it.”

Indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the major health concerns facing our nation today. This condition has been worsened by the search for more energy efficient buildings and work places. The use of ozone can dramatically reduce indoor air pollution, creating a much safer atmosphere to live or work. Allegheny Ozone brings a proven concept to virtually every residential and commercial sanitizing and deodorizing situation including air purification and mold remediation.

Allegheny Ozone uses proven techniques to attack mold and remove it efficiently. Allegheny Ozone’s process is one that creates ozone on-site generating a clean environment. Ozone is a gas that can safely be used in either a gaseous state or dissolved in water. The most common way to clean with ozone is to dissolve the gas in cold water and use the resulting solution in place of hot water. First we remove visual mold with a scrubbing technique using ozone saturated water. After the physical cleaning, Allegheny Ozone floods the structure with naturally created ozone which allows us to attack and kill airborne mold spores and other bacteria creating a safe living environment in as little as a few hours leaving a fresh clean smell. After killing the mold, we remove the dead mold spores and bacteria that are prevalent in the atmosphere of the home or building with an air exchanger thus exchanging the indoor air with outdoor air creating a safer environment for its inhabitants. All of this is done without the use of chemicals and thus leaves no toxic byproducts at the premise. The result is a fresh and safe environment for all to enjoy.

Since ozone is unmatched as a deodorizer, Allegheny Ozone can remove odors in many settings such as homes, buildings and vehicles. It can be used to effectively treat nasty and harmful odors such as smoke and fire damage to name a few.

The following test result (both pretreatment and post treatment) was done by an independent laboratory of a home treated by Allegheny Ozone, Inc.

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