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Odor Removal

Indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the major health concerns facing our nation today. This condition has been worsened by the search for more energy efficient buildings and work places. The use of an ozone generator can dramatically reduce pollution contamination, creating a much safer atmosphere indoors.

Allegheny Ozone brings a new and innovative concept to virtually every residential and commercial sanitizing and deodorizing situation including odor removal. Since ozone is unmatched as a deodorizer, we can remove odors in many settings such as homes, buildings and vehicles. It can be used to effectively treat nasty and harmful odors such as smoke, fire damage and errant pets.

Cigar and cigarette smoke is one of the worst indoor pollutants around. The smell of cigarette smoke can permeate every surface and fabric in your home and vehicle. This odor and residue can be very difficult to eliminate. Ozone treatments can help you eradicate this tough odor problem.

Allegheny Ozone can eliminate lingering pet odors from all types of surfaces. If you are in the market to sell your home but are worried that prospective buyers will notice a "pet smell" in your house, give us a call. We can get your house smelling fresh again!

How Can Allegheny Ozone Help You?
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