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Allegheny Ozone was founded in 2004 to provide businesses and homeowners with the newest ozone technology used to eliminate indoor air pollution including the remediation of mold, mildew and odors such as smoke caused by fire and tobacco. Allegheny Ozone has developed a proven track record for treating these unhealthy environments.

Since then, Allegheny Ozone has expanded the use of its innovative technology to other problem areas such as the treatment of Frac water created in the natural gas drilling process, Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) and underground storage tank (UST) pollution cleanup. We are focused on the consultation, design, installation and training necessary to create effective systems for wastewater treatment, soil and groundwater remediation.

Allegheny Ozone has the ability to convert Frac water into reusable fresh water. The process allows gas companies to recycle contaminated water multiple times, saving hauling costs and disposal fees.

Using new methods of treatment, Allegheny Ozone can provide AMD cleanup without the use of chemicals and without creating harmful or toxic byproducts. Allegheny Ozone has been able to drop metals from AMD on a cost saving basis and at the same time protect our fragile environment from further chemicals.

Our technology allows Allegheny Ozone to cleanup UST pollution without having to remove the contaminated soil. This allows the business to continue operating or to be back into service faster.

We have the expertise and, more importantly, field experience to analyze your project and select the ozone protocol that accomplishes your objective. We are dedicated to forming strong alliances that allow for total project integration and will get your job done efficiently and effectively.

How Can Allegheny Ozone Help You?
To discuss your environmental cleanup needs, please call us at (814) 445-4969.

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