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Eliminating Underground Pollutants On-Site

An innovative chemical oxidation process using ozone microbubbles and hydroperoxide-coated ozone microbubbles that are pulsed through the soil and groundwater have proved extremely cost-effective in the remediation treatment of petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, and PAHs. This patented process* dramatically reduces the time, total cost, and potential long-term liability of traditional clean-up methods such as pump-and-treat and dig-and-haul and other In-situ treatments.

*Allegheny Ozone, Inc. is approved by Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. to market the patented equipment and process.


The ozone sparging process (C-Sparge™) employs nano-to micro-sized bubbles of air-encapsulated ozone, created by forcing an air/ozone mixture through Spargepoints® into soil or groundwater. The ozone oxidation process may be further enhanced by coating the air/ozone bubbles with a liquid oxidant (Perozone™). The microbubbles are pulsed through the soil and groundwater, yielding rapid clean-up. After the initial reaction, ozone and Perozone™ both decompose to beneficial oxygen.

Advantages of Ozone Sparging Process:

  • Low capital equipment costs
  • Minimal site disturbance during installation
  • Low on-site profile
  • Low operating costs – runs on standard household current (wall-mount system)
  • In-situ destruction of targeted compounds
  • Rapid decrease of contaminant mass and concentration in soil and groundwater – impressive results may be seen in weeks
  • No vapor control necessary
  • Clean reaction – no hazardous byproduct formation
  • Microbubble size and means of introduction into the interstitial spaces of the formation ensures maximum contact with contaminant


The Perozone Ozone Oxidation Microbubble System, working in tandem with the powerful C-Sparger® pulse coated microbubbles through the soil and groundwater, dramatically reducing the time, cost, and potential long-term liability of old-fashioned, cleanup methods. Best of all, after the initial reaction, both ozone and PerozoneTM decompose into beneficial oxygen.

Advantages of Perozone™ System:

  • Adds to the above benefits!
  • Hydroxyl radical formation boosts the oxidative capacity of the C-Sparger®
  • Extends contaminant treatability to PAHs, PCBs and pesticides
  • Uses very dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide pulsed into the formation

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